The Frontline Group develops, implements, reviews and improves learning and development of frontline capability across different economic, demographic and international sectors in the fields of research, education, health, business and international development through:

Designing, developing and delivering sustainable programs through effective collaboration.
Placing inquiry and exploration at the heart of targeted research activities.
Delivering best practice, quality assurance and risk management solutions through innovation.
Offering premium program delivery and integrated services.
Strategic planning and capability development through program design, development and implementation.
Design and implementation of continuous improvement and professional development strategies.

Frontline’s proven ADDIE approach

1. Analysis

Frontline uses its opportunities to meet with clients, partners and stakeholders to revisit and reset its relationships.  We seek to analyse and understand the change that is required and impediments to and consequences of the change that is in consideration.  Detailed scoping and dataset identification melds with ongoing professional dialogue irrigated by coffee.  We love this stage!

2. Design

Frontline’s design phase is ‘where the rubber hits the road’ with detailed evidence and data based design.  Pragmatic scenarios test design solutions which emerge, meld and are discarded.  Inevitably a choice is required between numbers of pragmatic solutions.  This is our Whiteboard and Data Crunching phase – our 80 / 20 Design model keeps this phase on the ground, moving and connected.

3. Develop

Frontline’s develop phase generates rapid prototype solutions as part of the 80/20 continuum (see Design Phase).  Advanced WIP practices enable Frontline to engage multi track development generating remarkable efficiencies between the Design and Implement Phases.

4. Implement

Frontline’s Implement Phase engages systematic (i.e. diagnostic measurability and accountability) implementation processes and procedures.  Manuals and procedures and work method statements emerge during this Phase as does testing of working prototypes.

5. Evaluate

Frontline’s evaluate phase is really at the centre of our approach and is engaged across all four phases rather than at the end of an undertaking. Accordingly our approach is formative and summative and centres on outcomes, results, impact, deployment, performance, behaviours, and change awareness.  We’re hot on this!