Frontline Thinking initiates and engages inquiry and research through data mining and analysis, surveys, and sample analysis in social learning (teliagogy), social economic analysis and labour market drivers.

Frontline Learning provides expertise in vocational education & training and designs, develops, implements, reviews, audits, restructures, monitors and audits educational programs and providers.
Your Frontline Health collaboratively develops, implements and evaluated nomeothetic (preventative) public health intervention programs especially in communities.
The Frontline Academy is associated with Frontline Learning and provides an independent fully quality assured educational governance and management of operations of training organisations; member organisations of the Frontline Academy have demonstrated to the Frontline Group an ongoing proven record of quality education and training.
Frontline Futures is the Frontline Group’s foundation and funded by 10% of net revenue of all Frontline’s companies.
Frontline Solutions provides commercial consultancy and placing expertise on site to clients as well as recruiting expertise for employment by clients.