Frontline’s mission is to mobilise the capability inherent in the frontline of organisations

The Frontline Group believes people, individually and collectively, can solve problems.  We will help individuals and organisations to develop and mobilise capability to better solve problems.

Widely experienced in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of innovation The Frontline Group has frequently undertaken an active role on behalf of professional associations, key government policy organisations and departments as well as international partners and affiliates.

For many years we have been acknowledged by our partners, clients, peers, business, industry associations and governments as quiet innovators in professional and human development in the areas of learning, health, leadership and research.  Our foundation premise is that authentic durable innovation and best practice is better achieved through collaboration, engagement, efficiency, reform and developing ability at the first point of exchange, or what we call…the frontline.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Frontline’s purpose is a narrative that…

  • thinks by reflecting upon evidence and initiates ideas
  • learns from phenomena, practice and dialogue
  • resolves, answers and deciphers creating effective solutions
  • rectifies, rebuilds and restores
  • relates and narrates
  • initiates, engages and fosters international dialogue
  • commits and contributes to an improved and mutual future.

Frontline values

• Leadership
• Integrity
• Capability
• Elegance
• Simple
• Trust
• Innovation
• Expertise

Frontline behaviour

• Courageous
• Decisive
• Committed
• Driven
• Independent
• Reflective
• Resilient
• Sustainable

Frontline presence

• Dedicated
• Collaborative
• Adaptable
• Ethical
• Mindful
• Social entrepreneur

Frontline thrives itself on Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

Frontline is Creative

Nanny / in home care training modules

See Creativity in action

Frontline has Intuition

A community school for the Sabean Mandaeans in Sydney

See intuition in action

Frontline is Determined

Emerging from the shade – a national window furnishing industry strategy

See determination in action